Post Travel Detox Tips!

Traveling and indulging weekends are the best and are absolutely meant to be enjoyed to the fullest! But sometimes all that enjoyment can make coming back into reality a little more challenging! 

It is typical for people to come back from vacation and strongly crave whatever habits they created on their trip; wine, carbs, cheese, sweets...all the good things haha

But of course that level of consistent indulgence isn't good longterm for so many reasons so it helps to nip it in the bud as soon as you can! So considering I just got back from a European getaway (where I ate ALL the chocolate croissants) I thought it was apt time to share what my detox routine looks like! 

Hope these help you feel your best pre/post travel so that you can enjoy yourself while you are gone!

  1. I cut out whatever I was excessively consuming: Usually that means more wine, more sweet treats and more refined carbs in general. So if I had a weekend heavy in those things I will remove them for the following week. It definitely sucks because of course I am craving it but after a week my body and mind seem to be back on track and I can save those things for the occasional treat rather than on a regular basis! This is probably the most important thing that I do but keep in mind this level of strictness is not my lifestyle, just a way to sort of "shock" my body back to reality. So if you travel for a week, cut those things out for a week! You travel for two weeks, maybe try cutting them out for two! 
  2. I focus on eating LOTS of veggies and "detox" focused foods! Some of my favorites are veggie soups, kombucha, lemon water with apple cider vinegar, asparagus, and green smoothies! 
    1. Some of my favorite go to's are below:
      1. Green Goddess Detox Soup from Oh She Glows
      2. Spa Smoothie from Body Love (try to start each day with a "Fab Four" smoothie, which includes protein, fat, fiber and greens)
      3. Kombucha (try to get one that does not have added cane sugar)
      4. Simple veggie and protein meals (usually salmon & veggie or zoodles & lentils)
  3. I up my water intake! Honestly, I find it hard to stay super hydrated when I travel because carrying a water bottle around can get annoying and in Europe water bottles were so expensive! haha So coming back I like to drink closer to 100oz of water a day and add in lemon and ginger! 
  4. I give myself grace around my workouts: For myself personally of course I love being active and working out but sometimes if I didn't make specific gym time while I was away it can be a little overwhelming to just jump right back in. So I do my best to get in at least 3 days (usually just a long run) and I don't worry about it! Some people might feel like just jumping right back in is best and if that ends up working AWESOME but I usually have a lot to catch up on so as long as I still make it a few days then I am okay with that. Usually by the following week I am good to go and back at my normal schedule :) 
  5. No Alcohol. I know I said this sort of in the first one but I wanted to make sure I specifically mentioned it. Even if I don't go over board on travels I still think it is a good habit to take a break from alcohol when you come back and are choosing that time to detox. We ultimately know that alcohol turns into sugar so that in itself goes in hand with cutting the refined or processed foods. I always buy a lot of kombucha and have that in my wine glass at night instead.
  6. Plan ahead! Make sure you know what you are eating, snacking on and drinking for the week so there are less opportunities for "eff it" moments haha #beenthere. But knowing what you will be eating for the week and not wanting to waste the money spent makes it a little easier to stay on track and keep motivated. 

So speaking from serious personal experience I know that maintaining some of these even for a week can be hard. Life is life and parties will come up, events and cravings. But I think using this week as an opportunity to challenge yourself, be mindful of the habits and lifestyle you are creating for yourself and just giving your body a break is ultimately worth it. There will always be something. And if you always let something get you off track of what you really want then you are never allowing yourself to cultivate change, discipline and growth. 

Best of luck and happy traveling!