This Weeks Highlights (January 6-14)

Rounding up all our posts of this week in case you missed anything! Make sure you let us know which was your favorite and what you want to see more of! 

Inner Joy- Nutrition

Favorite Vegan Dinner: I shared one of my FAVORITE go to vegan dinners! This is a must eat, especially with this wintery weather! Read the blog HERE


Inner Joy- Mental Happiness

January Boss Babes: I love cheering on other girl bosses KILLING it! So this week I shared with you four women who are doing such an incredible job following their dreams and living their best lives from the inside out! Read more HERE


Why Most People's Resolutions Fail: As we work our way through January I know it is already getting hard to stay on track with some of our goals or resolutions! So I share why most people fail and how you can be different! 


Outer Beauty- Fashion/Styling 

Interview with my Favorite Stylist: This week I sat down and chatted with the beautiful founder of Art of Style, Ashley Boucher! Join us as we talk about trends, dressing for your body and above all loving yourself and dressing in a way that makes you feel confident! 

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