How To Host The Perfect Galentine's Day Party!

Happy Galentine's Day babe!! I love Galentine's Day because how could you not?! A day devoted to celebrating with my best babes, what more could you want?! Bringing my friends together for a night full of chatting, wine, treats and sometimes even a gift exchange is one of my favorite things to do! So I thought I would share with you some tips on hosting a kick-butt girls night for any time of the year along with some fun photos of the Galentine's Day I hosted with one of my best babes Diane last year!! 

  1. Decide what type of event this is going to be! Sometimes I would host potlucks so each person would bring a food or beverage and we would have a feast! But my favorite types of parties to host are gift exchanges so instead of people bringing food they would bring a gift and I would provide the treats and drinks! Deciding on the style of event is important so you can include this info in the invitation! You could also do a game night, movie night, spa night and so on! Just think ahead! 
  2. Send out a fun invitation at least 3-4 weeks ahead of time! People are busy and you don't want to spring this on them last minute so they are unable to attend. Paperless Post is my favorite for this because it is free, people can RSVP, write comments and you can send reminders as the party approaches! 
    1. Tip: I usually had the party on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday because I feel like a lot less happens on those days so more people are able to attend! 
  3. Invite WAY more people than you think will attend and from all different friend groups! In the beginning, I would invite around 10-15 people but because #life sometimes only a few out of that group would be able to come. Of course, it was still fun, but it's always nice to have a large group if you are planning to go all out. By the end I was inviting 30-40 people to each event and more often than not would still have less than 20 people attend! This was so fun because people were mixing from all friend groups, making connections and new friends and even getting a little out of their comfort zone which I loved hehe.
  4. If it is a themed party, go ALL OUT! haha I loved having themed decor, themed plates and napkins and even festive treats! It is so fun to have a theme for the evening and always made for the best pictures! For Galentine's Day I used a lot of recipes with pomegranates, cherries, chocolate and rich flavors. This made the food feel like a cohesive menu without actually trying too hard!
  5. Have a mix of sweet and savory! I am a savory person through and through but understand that a lot of people like sweets haha so I tried really hard to make sure I had a few options from each category. This allowed people to actually almost have a full meal since usually, the party was around dinner time.  
    1. Tip: Buy some things premade! There are so many easy and deliciousl frozen premade treats from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and cuts down on prep and cooking time as you are getting ready for the party. 
  6. Opt of a sangria instead of a lot of wine! This saved me a lot of money because I was able to provide a large batch of drinks without investing in multiple bottles of nicer wine. Also, make sure you have non-alcoholic options as well like La Croix or Kombucha! 
  7. Clean and prep the day before! I would always deep clean the house the day before so that just in case anything came up last minute I wouldn't have to worry that the house wouldn't be ready! I would also chop, slice and cut anything that I could so that there was less work the day of the party! 
  8. Light candles, play music and set a mood! There is nothing better than a house that feels clean and smells good. I always had candles going in each room and music playing throughout the whole house, even the bathroom! There is something beautiful and peaceful about an event that fills a house and I truly believe candles and music make such a difference! 
  9. Have fun! Don't worry about everything being perfect once the party has started! Just enjoy yourself. No matter how many women come together from 5-25, what a blessing to have an evening surrounded by some of your best babes! Don't spend the night worrying about tidying as you go or continuing to cook in case you end up missing out on so much of the evening! 



Happy hosting babes!!