Use this trick to eat healthier at restaurants!

So here’s the deal…I LOVE eating out! It is one of my favorite things to do with my hubs, friends, and family. The time spent around a table eating and drinking has resulted in some of my favorite conversations and memories. However, since this is something I do quite often I came to quickly realize that every dinner out did not mean it was time to “treat yo self” haha

This can get tricky because everyone around you might be ordering like it’s their last meal, or getting all the apps and dessert because why not? People might have different goals or this is their splurge meal! But for you, this might be just another meal and you don’t want to overdo it.

There are a lot of people who will avoid eating out all together because they fear falling off the bandwagon, feel pressure to eat things they don’t want too, or are nervous there won’t be options for them that align with their goals. This fear around food is what creates not only an unhealthy relationship with our bodies but our social circles as well. Food is an inanimate object so why do we feel like it has so much control over our lives? Well that is probably a whole other post in itself…haha but realizing that we have the power to choose, the power to control this aspect of our lives and the power to feel free should be stronger than the desire to indulge in a donut. However, delicious it might be if there is only guilt and shame wrapped up in the experience the need to indulge should be avoided. 

So how do you go out to eat in a way that allows you to enjoy yourself and not feel pressure to overindulge or splurge?

I go by rule of thumb that “I can always come back and get it another day!”

This does not count for travel…when I travel I go big and then I go home haha

But when I am eating in the city I live in or travel to often, I have come to realize that almost at the click of a button or short drive I can have it again. If I think about that meal day after day and it begins to haunt my dreams then I go ahead and enjoy it. If I don’t think about it after that meal it was probably a good decision to order something that fueled my body and left me feeling energized and accomplished. We tend to treat these experiences as our last opportunity to eat that food or meal ever…when really in the age of food delivery we can have it at our house within minutes if we want it!

So when everything is available, why not choose to invest in a great glass of wine or spend time diving into the conversation rather than the food? Let food be an aspect of the experience but not always the experience itself. Deciding that you can still have an amazing meal without the food you know will leave you feeling overly full and regretful is self control at its finest! I recently read about self-control as a muscle. That as we use it throughout the day it gets more tired and worn out, so that by the end of the day it feels almost impossible to make good decisions. Well instead of working your self-control to the bone, plan ahead, order what you know makes you feel your best and save the splurge for next time!

Food should be part of your experience, but never the thing that causes guilt and stress. Trust me I have been there! But slowly, I just kept telling myself, if you really want this tomorrow or next week you can have it! You will crave whatever you choose to put in your body. Start to eat whole foods, crave whole foods, eat only processed foods and sugar, only crave processed food and sugar. Soon, your cravings will shift and more often than not you will want just the foods you've been ordering all along. The indulgences will be less and less and you will feel better and better! 

I hope this little trick gives you more freedom as you eat out and you are able to look at the experience as a whole and not just about the food! 

What are some of your favorite tips?!