Fall Book List

Just because summer is winding down does not mean the travel slows down or there is less time for you to be reading, indulging and learning! So I thought I would share a few books I have read this year so far if you are needing inspiration! 

Now a lot of the books read tend to lean towards aspects of my business: health and wellness, self-help, fashion, business and so on. However, I have finally started indulging in the occasional fiction book or autobiography so I included a few of those too! 

I split it up into two lists, the first is anything that I have read (or am reading) that helps in my business life and the second is a little more indulgent and just for fun reading! As always, I would LOVE suggestions if there are any books you are currently obsessing over! 

Boss Babe List: 

  1. Girl Code
    1. I talk about this book ALL THE TIME! haha And honestly it is because it is such a simple and short read but there are so many incredible and encouraging points through out it. 
  2. The Compound Effect
    1. A simple and LIFE-CHANGING book! Seriously, one of the easiest reads but completely changed my perspective on setting goals and creating changes in my life. Darren Hardy is a genius and even has daily emails he sends out for motivation that I read each day. 
  3. Uninvited
    1. Now I read this book during my morning quiet times but sometimes read some more in the evening because it was just that good. Like most people I have experienced rejection and the feelings of being left out or uninvited. Lysa does a beautiful job reminding us who our worth really lies in and how we can navigate those feelings so that we do not have to carry them with us forever. It is okay that you have felt rejected, we all have but your rejections do not define who you are as a person. 
  4. Gifts of Imperfection
    1. This books aim is to equip you to let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are. To live a wholehearted life full of joy, passion and purpose. To use our unique gifts to impact the world and feel confident in our own skin. I loved loved loved this book...basically highlighted the whole thing haha so many beautiful takeaways. 
  5. Body Love
    1. I was so excited about this book I pre-ordered it! I had been hearing a lot of interviews with Kelly on different podcasts I listened too and really connected with her ideology around food and health. She has a nutrition and research background but makes the science understandable to the general public. Her heart to encourage people out of food obsession and into a place of fueling your body properly is so inspiring! Her book breaks down the science, the mindset, the ideal foods and then includes a whole bunch of recipes for you to get started with! She really challenged some things I had always believed but I have loved starting my day off with her Fab Four smoothies and definitely won't be looking back! 
  6. Switch On Your Brain
    1. So switch on your brain was recommended to my by a friend of mine who had read it and really experienced some amazing results in a time of need. The beauty of this book is that she is a neuroscientist who uses the bible in conjunction with her science. We are learning new things each day about the power of our thoughts and they don't just stop with helping us make good decisions but also branch into healing illness. She backs up her claims with research and uses modern examples to help you understand just how powerful your brain really is. If there is a habit or goal you are wanting to break or institute in your life I strongly recommend you reading this book. She has a 28 action plan at the end that truly can make a difference if you choose to follow the steps! 

Indulge Yourself: 

  1. Yes Please
    1. Who doesn't love Amy Poehler right?! Seriously she is so funny and I really loved reading her book. Reading about her life, her insights and how she became who she is today is so engaging and I laughed in probably every chapter. 
  2. Why Not Me
    1. Obviously I am a fan of comedians who write books about their lives but Mindy seriously knocks it out of the park. She has a hilarious way of joking about her awkwardness in a way that is so genuine and relatable. She tells stories that are engaging and help you understand what her life was like before and during her career. 
  3. Big Little Lies
    1. So if you haven't watched this HBO mini series do it now!! Well maybe read the book and then do it! I choose to watch the mini series because I didn't realize at first that it was based on a book haha. But everyone I have talked too raved about the book and of course the book is able to go into more detail than the show. Perfect beach read to suck you in and make time fly. Has a mix of everything, romance, murder, gossipy moms who are way too into their children's lives, abuse, costume parties and more...it's awesome! 
  4. Husbands Secret
    1. So after watching Big Little Lies I went out and bought like 5 of Laine Moriarty's books and this was the first I read! I believe they might be making a movie out of this one? It was great! She does a really great job writing a story that feels like it could almost happen. So you are really invested in the outcome and turn of events because it almost feels so real. I loved reading this book and had to decided to only read her books when I traveled because I ended up getting so sucked in that I didn't want to read anything else educational haha. 
  5. Eating Animals
    1. Ok so disclaimer....this is not a light read...haha I tend to cry in most chapters. However, if you are curious about the animal industry in regards to factory farming, food reform and being a vegetarian I want to recommend this book. It was the book that made the switch for my husband and has been widely acclaimed for its insight. The author does a good job empathizing with why we eat meat, it is not a hate fest and it honestly allows you to think openly about a vegetarian lifestlye free from judgement. No matter what your stance I always think it is good to be educated...ignorance is overrated. 

Are there any books you are excited to be reading this fall?? Let me know below!



The Kalon Life Fall Book List