Celebrating 22 months with TKL with 22 Fun Facts About Me!

I know there is an About Me section on the blog but I realized after basically 22 months of owning my own company and sharing my thoughts with y'all, I haven't revealed too much about myself personally! So for fun, and to kick off May, I figured why not :) These are the less professional, more quirky facts that didn't make it into About Me section haha

1. I was born in ATX and when I was younger, never would have thought I'd move out of Austin. Probably because, at the time, I had a huge fear of spending the night away from my parents. I always figured I would go to UT, continue living at home and if the time ever came for marriage we could either move in together...or we would just continue living with my family. Thankfully life had other plans and I overcame this fear at a reasonable age (cough cough highschool) 

The Kalon Life

2. I was seriously not athletic growing up. Not even the enduring, awkward, uncoordinated kind of unathletic...just not good at all...and I tried it all...basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, swim and even shotput (to keep me from running track). I played basketball in middle school for a bit but when I got to high school I realized it was way too competitive for me (and I just didnt care). I still remember my coach telling my mom that she wished everyone on the team could have my positive attitude, she just wished I had some talent to go along with it!

3. I have named my cars and genuinely refer to them by their names. My first car was a Honda Accord named Rhonda LaFonda the Honda. My second (and current car) is a VW Jetta named Jenny. 

4. I went to Baylor University where I majored in Fashion Merchandising and met some amazing girls who I am still super close to! I was also a Zeta and served on the executive council my senior year as Secretary and Co-Head Float Chair. 


5. My favorite animal is a cat. I'm slightly obsessed. But when I was younger I thought it was too basic that my favorite color was pink and my favorite animal was a cat so for a hot second I switched them over to green and turtle respectively...so weird...I don't even like turtles haha. Finally just embraced my basicness. 

6. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 20 and it just so happens that I married him 3 years later :) 

7. When I was a kid I thought I would be a teacher until I realized I wasn't a "kid person", so I decided to be a vet. And that lasted right up until I realized I could never put an animal down. With teacher and vet out, I then I decided to become an actress and even made the trek out to California to test it out. Obviously, that didn't pan out but I practiced my signature enough to leave a mean autograph ;)

8. My most embaressing moment to date is falling down a marble staircase at the reception entrance of my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. Ended up spraining my ankle to the point where I was in a boot for a month. I know it was caught on film but have never seen it and nor do I really care too. 

--This is about the point where I start wondering if people even care about these random facts and all my ramblings. But I shall just keep going anyways-- ;)

9. I interned in NYC the summer before I graduated and realized that as much as I loved the city it was a little too harsh and busy for me. That being said, I am so grateful my parents encouraged me to follow my dream because I know I would have always regretted it had I not. It is also the city where TJ and I got engaged. 

The Kalon Life, NYC

10. I got the chance to study abroad twice in college. One program was Baylor in Great Britain where we lived mainly in London but visited Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, and Paris while we were there. I also went to Canada for a week with the fashion program! 

The Kalon Life

11. I have a serious fasination with all things UFO's, sharks and outer space. Those Netflix documentarties get me every time...and Shark Week...I mean COME ON! 

12. I love s'mores. Like I will always instigate a bonfire and have at least two s'mores (I substitute the chocolate for Reese's if I am feeling particularly adventurous).

13. I have three tattoos - I got one when I was 18 on my wrist, another when I was 20 (I think) and then my third when I was 25. I would love a few more. I'm obsessed and if I thought I could pull off a sleeve I would do it. 

The Kalon Life

14. I HATE rollercoasters. And no I don't need to try just one more to make sure, thanks though. 

15. I love cooking and I hate baking. Baking is way too exact for my personality... When I cook, I want to put a pinch of this and a dash of that. I learned the hard way you can't just add water to cookie dough if it's too dry...who knew!

16. TJ proposed to me on my birthday and we got married a year later on my birthday (6/29). It is the one day of the year he better remember ;)

The Kalon Life
The Kalon Life, Wedding

17. There is a lot of personal growth that happens behind the day to day scenes of my life. Starting a business to empower women has been an amazing gift but it has absolutely shown me the areas I struggle most in both in my own personal journey and as a business owner. I love the challenge but there are days where I have to channel everything I read about and write about to remind myself that I am worthy of pursuing my own dreams as well. 

18. I prefer television shows over movies. And I can binge watch a show like nobody's business. Go-to is The Office. I am sure I have gone through every episode at least 4 times by this point - but who's counting?

19. I have one sister (Kurrahhcaine, her real name is Kara) she is two years younger but we get asked if we are twins all the time. She is my perfect counterpart. Sassy, witty, athletic, detail oriented and always happy to tell it how it is. She keeps me laughing and humble. 

The Kalon Life, Sisters, Fun Facts About Me

20.  I love reading but I tend to start books, get 4 chapters in and jump to the next book out of excitement. I am currently working through, Goop Beauty, How to Happy, How to be Confident, The Body Book, Designing Your Life, Ignite the Fire, Switch on your Brain & The Happiness Project. It's a problem y'all. 

21. I am a Christian and am so thankful that growing up my parents made that a priority in life. My faith is an important aspect of my daily life and allows me to walk through the ups and downs with the foresight of knowing there is a greater purpose for it all. 

22. I developed a fear of flying later in life for a couple years but have slowly been working through it so that it does not keep me from seeing the world. The main thing I have tried to do is continue saying yes to trips that come up. I do not want to miss out because a 4-hour flight causes me some anxiety. I would love to get to Bora Bora someday but that 17-hour flight gives me a slight pause.

Whelp if those weren't the most RANDOM facts haha hope you enjoyed!! Feel free to ask me any other questions hah These were just all I could think of for now! 

xox Happy Monday




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