How to Find your dream job

 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

So why do we have a hard time with realistic goals? Well in part it is because sometimes we don't know how to boil down our big goal. 

Example: Find Your Dream Job!

Where do you start? Quitting your job so you have all the time in the world to devote to looking? Fixing your resume for 6 months before ever sending one out? Staying at your current job, accepting your fate and being miserable? Obviously there is an in-between and it will look different for each of you. 

But the best thing you can do to start once you have established your end goal is to start breaking it down into smaller goals (the less sexy kind). 

Ok so you want to find your dream job ---> start defining the characteristics of what that would look like. What schedule, location, type of work, flexibility, impact, experience needed and so on. For me I decided that I wanted a schedule I could set myself, I wanted to work with women and I wanted to be involved in multiple industries (fashion, health, happiness). List words, ideas, job titles...anything that triggers what your dream job would look like. 

Once you have started defining what that would look like ---> figure out if there is a job out there like that. Do you want to be in advertising but specifically geared towards a certain brand or industry? Do you want to be in fashion but on the buying side rather than the sales side? Start to research your options. Do you need to create your own opportunities? I saw that the first step towards achieving my big dream was to take a baby step and start in a new industry. So I got certified as a personal train and BOOM I was setting my own hours, working with women and helping them in multiple areas of their lives. 

Once you know the job you are looking for ---> update your resume. List qualities you know those jobs entail and that you can highlight. Try to keep it to one page unless you have a lot of experience you want to highlight. Get creative with your resume! It does not have to be the old school one page word doc anymore (unless you are maybe going into a conservative industry). Try a visual portfolio of your work or a video! Set yourself apart and don't be afraid to be different. 

Resume complete ---> Start putting yourself out there! Send those resumes out and start networking. Reach out to friends in similar industries and ask if they have anyone they can put you in touch with. Talk with people who have the job you are working towards. Sending out a resume and crossing your fingers only gets you so far. Be patient but be diligent and active in your search. 

Things To Consider:

  • Intern! I will say that if you have the opportunity to intern do it! Getting your feet wet in an industry to see all the ins and outs is the perfect way to see if your DREAM JOB is really your 'dream job.' I learned this the hard way! My plan was to move to NY after college, get a job in the fashion industry and work my way up to CEO....and maybe get married in my mid-30's. Hilarious how things work out some times. I interned in NY and though I enjoyed my job I did not actually enjoy living in NY. Luckily, I was not committed to living there longer than 3 months, and when I came back I had a better idea of what I did and did NOT want! 
  • Be willing to work your way up! Ok so you aren't going to go from writer to senior editor in one job transition. It will take a few years but if you see your dream job at the end of the tunnel be patient. Learn from those above you, be humble and take the time to work your way up. So often we want success overnight, 6 figures out of college and dream job tomorrow. Sometimes you need to be patient and just get your foot in the door. It will pay off if you work hard and honor your dream. 

PS. Don't want to work for a company? Working for yourself is hard work but possible with planning and passion! Work on your side hustle while at your current job, build up a platform, foundation and clients. That way jumping into your own business will be less scary and that will keep you motivated at your current job knowing that your dreams are in the making! 

But either way DO SOMETHING. Stop sitting at a job you hate, dwelling on the fact that you wish you could be doing something else. YOU CAN!! Get out there, experience life and other jobs, talk to people in careers you are interested in, think about your strengths and what your ideal position would look like. Now more than ever we have the ability to create jobs and careers that fulfill us AND pay the bills. You're dream career is out there, you just have to go get it!