Packing Tips & Essentials

 Image via Away

Image via Away

Ekkkkk I felt like this was a timely thing to write because today we are Oregon bound with some of our best friends and I am so excited!! But of course, prepping for a trip no matter how many days can be a little stressful if you don't have a plan of attack.

I used to be of the belief that I would just throw in a bunch of stuff (because who knew what mood I would be in) and hope for the best. However, when I would get there I would find myself not super inspired by anything I had packed or jonsing to hit up the nearest mall to get some items that made me feel cute haha. But since that cannot be how I feel every time I travel I decided to make some changes to my packing style and wanted to share my tips with you! 

I can be a nervous flyer so planning ahead has helped me a lot. If I know I have planned for as much as possible it is easier for me to relax and enjoy myself! So I hope these tips help you as well! 

Tips For Packing & My Essentials: 

  • Start by jotting down how many days you will be gone and some of the activities you will need specific styles of outfits for (or just go through days in your head if it's a short trip)
    • Nice dinners out, hiking or outdoor activities, exploring around town
  • Once you have an idea of how many outfits styles you need start laying them out on your bed. I like to do this because then I can lay accessories on top to make sure I have something to go with each outfit. 
    • I also always add at least one alternative outfit just incase I am not in the mood for the outfit I had originally planned. Now I don't bring 7 other options, I try to limit it to 1-2 extras. 
    • Honestly, you can bring even less if you are going with some girls and you know you will all swap clothes too! haha
  • To maximize the space in your luggage I have found it so much better to ROLL your clothing rather than folding it. I find I can fit a lot more items if I need too. 
  • I always try to group my items together and then I add in my shoes, accessories and beauty products last because those can fit in more odd shapes and small spaces. 
  • I will sometimes through in extra protein bars, and packets of my protein powder so that I have those items on hand if I need an easy breakfast or snack in a pinch. 

Carry-On Must Have's: 

  • Important items in an easy to reach pocket (passport, ticket, ID, headphones, credit card) 
    • The worst thing is digging around my large carry on bag trying to find the one thing that fell to the bottom. So I always have one pocket I put all the most important items! 
  • A sweater and neck pillow! You never know how cold or uncomfortable a flight will be so having extra layers and a pillow makes sure that if you need to bundle up and get some shut eye you easily can! 
  • I ALWAYS make sure I have a protein bar or snack in my bag in case I get hungry. The plane will not always have a lot of options I can eat so making sure I have something always helps. 
  • If you are on a long flight bring a face mask or eye pads to reduce puffiness by the time you land! 
    • If it is an early flight limiting how much makeup you wear can make it easier to add moisturizer throughout or after the flight without messing up your makeup. 
  • WATER! I know you can't bring this in your carryon but I always buy a really big bottle when I get through security so that I can make sure to stay hydrated during the flight. 
  • A book AND my iPad or computer! I love having options because if the book isn't distracting enough then I can flip on a show or movie I downloaded to help the time pass faster. 
    • If you didn't already know, Netflix now lets you download shows FOR FREE! This was a game changer for me because before I would spend so much time trying to find something on iTunes and waiting for it to download but Netflix took all the stress out of that! 
  • Essential oils, advil, Dramamine, hand sanitizer and rose water spray....oh my! haha I have a little baggie of small items like this that I bring on EVERY flight! Like I mentioned I like to plan ahead to make sure that have something for almost every occasion. Because I struggle with flying anxiety sometimes it helps to have things like essential oils to relax me. I use peppermint, lavender and valor (which is a combo of oils).

Post Arrival: 

  • After I have landed I like to go to the restroom to brush my hair, touch up my face and switch my outfit if needed. Some times of course this doesn't matter but it's always nice to have those items on hand if you need to do a fast freshen up! I hate doing this on the plane though so I always wait till we have landed. 
  • At the hotel I find it helpful to hang up my nicer dresses and blouses. Now I rarely pull everything out and put them away but I am trying to be better about it and I have found that getting ready is so much easier when I do that! 
  • Go grab a cocktail! I don't often drink on flights because I have no desire to be buzzed and motion sick haha but once we have landed it is always fun to freshen up and grab a cocktail to celebrate the new city you are in! 


Hope some of these ideas and tips have helped you! I know that travel can be stressful, so planning ahead and having a checklist always makes me feel so much better! What trips do y'all have coming up? Are there any tips I missed that you do each time? Let me know!