Sweatin' with StudioHop

Working out has been apart of my weekly routine for a few years now. It is something that I aim to do 3-5 days a week and always feel better when I stick to that.

However, like anyone I can get bored with what I am doing. I go through phases where I am really into one thing for a while and then something different the next month. That is why I was so excited to test out StudioHop here in Dallas. Having access to so many different studios, routines, class times and instructors gave me an opportunity to learn from others and also shake things up since I was feeling a little like I was in a rut. 

Sweatin' with StudioHop The Kalon Life

When it comes to working out I strongly believe that your 'why' behind it is crucial. Are you doing it because you enjoy it or because you feel obligated? Are you doing it as a reward or as a punishment? When you establish a routine that is reasonable for your lifestyle and includes things you enjoy, you are much more likely to make it a habit. 

People often think that because I am a trainer I don't enjoy classes and that just isn't the case for me, I LOVE them! Like everyone I can get bored with workouts or feel like I am in a funk and not really sure what to do that day. That is why StudioHop was so helpful! I spend all day planning routines for my amazing clients that sometimes when it comes to finally putting together something for myself I go a little blank.

StudioHop changed that for me. I was able to zone out on the plan and zone in on myself. I showed up, followed along (usually got my ass kicked) and left feeling energized and inspired. It also helped that on Monday I could do Pilates, Tuesday I could spin, Wednesday I could do a HIIT style class, Thursday I could do Yoga and Friday I could do cross-training! They had everything I enjoyed doing while continually allowing me to change things up. All of their studios are listed here

No matter what stage you are at in life whether you are just starting to workout or you are wanting to change things up, finding something that you are excited to commit to is key. Just like when my clients schedule a time of day with me, they know they show up or lose out on the money they paid and a great sweat. By registering online for classes it helped ensure that I would follow through! It's nice to write in my planner that I am going to the gym at 3pm but it's a little different to register for a class, spend the money and have that accountability outside yourself. 

Learning what works for you is all part of the process and wellness journey. So if you are unsure what you like I highly recommend StudioHop so you can test things out! And you might even find that a consistent variety is exactly what you need. They have so many package options depending on how you want to start that even just trying out a few classes is so easy! Check out all of your options here

If you are curious about StudioHop and want to check them out (which I highly recommend) then used the code KamiHop20 for $20 off your first month! Let me know how you like it and what your favorite classes are! 

Happy sweatin'