OMG it's Swimsuit Season

Summer is now upon us and I for one cannot wait for cookouts, lake days, suntanning and sunshine! But with summer comes swimsuits...and that is something so many women are quick to occasionally groan about (myself included). I can go to the gym all I want and eat super well but my instinct is to still panic slightly when I think about all that time in a two piece. And why is that? Becuase we are quick to judge our bodies rather than celebrate them. We are quick to compare rather than admire and encourage. We are quick to layer up rather than take it off. This continued negative dialouge towards ourselves and our bodies hasnt made anyone any happier right? Every summer when the panic sets in it doesnt allow us to better enjoy the season or our bodies and what a waste that is! 

So let's stop doing as we've always done. Let's stop letting our mind think the way it always has. 

Instead this season I am choosing to celebrate myself! Maybe I am not where I want to be but I am healthy, working hard and thankful that I have a body that can get me to the pool, enjoy lake activites and feel the warmth of the sunshine. Confidence is so much more than what size your swimsuit is. It's how you love your body and how you feel in your swimsuit. If you are stuggling this season let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You do not need permission from anyone to feel good in your pool attire. 

So, if you are in need of a little inspo for the season I have rounded up some of my favorite suits for summer and what to keep an eye out for based on your body type! Happy swimming <3 

Inverted Triangle or Large Bust

The Kalon Life

Aim for swimwear that has cups with underwire or structure so you can stay supported. Try to avoid lots of ruffles or embellishments if you are trying to minimize your chest. Thicker straps and higher backs are also great to keep an eye out for! 

Triangle or Fuller Hips

The Kalon Life

Adding interest like ruffles, cutouts and embellishments are great for the top of the suit to draw the eye up and balance our body out. Also look for suits that hit you higher on your hips so you can accentuate your waist. 

Apple or Curvy

The Kalon Life

Gathered fabrics are flattering and hides any unwanted bumps you may be self-conscious about. A warp style or retro-inspired cut will accentuate your waist and an assymentrical neckline will draw the eye up. 

Rectangle or Athletic

The Kalon Life

Bold prints, ruffles, embellishments and fun details can add some flair to the suit and create the illusion of curves as do one-pieces with cut-outs!


The Kalon Life

Color-blocking and high or interesting necklines draw your eye up and elongate the look of the torso. Wearing suits that are more retro styled and hit at your torso will accentuate your curves and give you a perfectly feminine flair!