Creative Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Sometimes during the holidays we can get a little caught up with all the festivities and lose sight of what is really important around this time. So many of us are so blessed to have a home, family, clothes and access to food and amenities that we take it for granted. Take some time to remember what this season is really about.


Knowing how to help can sometimes be the hardest part so check out some of the ideas below and let us know how they go!

Leaving goodie bags for your neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors is a lost art and this simple and encouraging gesture is an easy way to break the ice and send some love over the holidays. And it's always good to know your neighbors in case you ever need a cup of sugar...right?

Volunteer at a homeless shelter or nonprofit. This is a pretty typical thing people do around the holidays but none the less that doesn't make it any less important. It is always good to step outside our bubble and realize how lucky we are.

Donate clothes to a shelter or second-hand store. Places like Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet are great because you can actually make some money off your gently used clothes. However, consider then donating that money or using it to bless someone else. You will always have more clothes to sell and then you have an opportunity to give in multiple ways.

Pay for the person in line behind you. I have always thought this was such a cool idea to do and something that could make anyone's day!

Make 'blessing bags' to keep in your car and pass out to the homeless. Sometimes it is hard to give money but you still want to help. So creating a bag that has water, non-perishable food and maybe some gloves as it gets colder is always a good idea.

Adopt-a-family. There are always families who don't have a way to make a holiday dinner or buy Christmas gifts so getting together with friends or coworkers to make that happen for them is always special.

Happy holidays!

Kami BleaseComment