Secret to Healthy Eating on a Budget!

I think most people have the desire to eat healthier, however, when it comes to budget and shopping we can feel like that option isn't always avalible. 

Well I am here to share with you my secret to shopping healthy on a budget! It isn't magical, it is just about shopping smart and planning ahead! 

This short simple video will share with you my tips and tricks to successful budget friendly shopping. Enjoy! 

So my secret is now out....ALDI!! Seriously this store was a game changer for me and has made it easier for me to cook heathy meals and entertain guests without stressing about my spending. 

Reasons why ALDI is able to offer a lower cost: 

  • They take out unnecessary fluff. You wont find an ambience created for you here and that is one of their keys to cutting costs. The store of course is organized and clean but little else is added to create a unique shopping experience.
  • They sell a lot of off brand items. I will be the first to tell you there are a couple things that I like the name brand of (Ranch for starters)...however, there are a lot of things that the name brand really doesn't matter to me. So the thing I rely on is reading ingredient labels first and brand names second. If it contains all the same stuff at a lower cost I am sold! They do sometimes carry name brand stuff though and STILL at a lower cost because they can! So Tide detergent, Pringles, Starbucks K-Cups...come attttt meeeee! 
  • You bring your own bags and rent your grocery cart. They don't waste costs and overstocking bags or grocery carts. You also bag up the stuff yourself instead of them doing it for you, so moving through the line is quick! 

Tip for a successful shopping trip:

  • Plan ahead with a list! They will carry a lot of things you need but of course maybe not everything. Going in and having a plan allows you to be efficient on time if you need to hit up another store.
  • Bring your own bags. This is a fairly common practice for most people but just incase have a couple of bags on hand so you aren't fumbling around trying to carry stuff into your home the first time. (I learned this one the hard way hahah)
  • Have 25 cents on you! You will need to rent your grocery cart but keep in mind you get it back when you lock your cart up! 
  • Read your labels! If you are concerned that they don't carry brands you are familiar with, start reading ingredient labels. This allows you to make a decision based on content rather than branding. 
  • Buy food for 3-4 days at a time! Part of the reason I was wasting food was because it was going bad before I could eat it. Work lunches, dinner with families and leftovers happen more than we think so it is easier to order in one meal than let three go to waste! 

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to their grocery shopping experience and I understand if this seems like a stretch for you. However, I decided I would rather spend my money on new clothes or travel rather than an up charge on food, so it was an easy switch for me. I do not go here every single time because sometimes running into one store is all I have time for. But a lot of the time if I plan ahead and make it work, it is worth it! 

I hope you found this helpful and even if you don't have an ALDI near you, these tips can be passed on to many other grocery stores in general if you are looking to save some money! Let me know if you go and what you think! 

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