Interview with Be Bonafide!

Literally my heart exploded with joy when I got to sit down with the two beautiful founders of Be Bonafide. 

Nicole and Laura are AMAZING! Two of the most genuine women who are fighting for a change in the industry so many of us are apart of. Calling people to be more genuine and real on social media and feel comfortable sharing their story! 

The amount of times I "mmmm'd" and "yeah'd" just shows how I love everything they stand for. It's another long one...I'm sorry y'all...maybe my calling is podcasts hahah BUT just press play, listen along while you go on a walk or get ready and let us know what you think! 



  • Our souls are like balloons. We need to fill our balloon and sometimes it is with material things (beads) which isn't bad but what we need more of is air that allows our balloons to float. Things that bring air into our lives can be friendships, travel, health, fitness...anything that brings joy and truly makes you happy. 
  • Lifestyle tips from Laura:
    • After they put their girls down then make sure to spend 30 minutes with each other just talking and catching up without their phones or technology. 
    • Don't sleep with your phone by the bed. Separate yourself from it. 
    • Place a white board in a place you will see first thing in the morning and each night write three things you need to get done first thing for tomorrow, affirmations, quote and anything that encourages you. 
  • Dallas Be Bonafide Event: (Nov 17)
  • Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba
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