Interview with Jourdan Chapman

Loved getting to chat all things beauty and skincare with my beautiful best friend Jourdan Chapman! She is my go to girl when I need product recommendations and if I have any questions about how I can be better taking care of my skin! We talk about products, books and even foods to avoid so you won't want to miss this chat! Enjoy! 

What do you currently do?

Answer: I work as a paralegal at a law firm in Addison, TX. 

Question: So how did you get interested in skincare from that industry?

Answer: I started having problem skin when I turned 25 and decided to take initiative to try and figure out what was going on and what I should do. Through that personal journey I really enjoyed learning about skincare and wanted to help others learn about these things too.

Question: What is your long-term skin care industry plan?

Answer: Would love to start a beauty content site like Byrdie where people can learn about all things skincare. And maybe someday start my own skincare line! 

Question: What is one thing that you would recommend people purchase?

Answer: Sunscreen! I love Coola and Elta

Question: What are some of your favorite skincare books?

Answer: Milady Dictionary, Skin Type Solutions, The Perricone Prescription

Question: What are some of your favorite lifestyle books?

Answer: Goop Clean Beauty and Switch on Your Brain

Question: What are the top anti-inflammatory foods people should avoid if they are having skin problems?

Answer: Dairy, sugar and white carbs

Question: What does living a Kalon Life mean to you?

Answer: To me, I love The Kalon Life because you are all about inner beauty leading to outer beauty. Especially, since I have had skin issues the last couple of years because it can be hard on your self confidence so its important to really love yourself and not worry about that stuff.

Thanks for watching beauties! What are some of your fav beauty go to's?? Let me know! 

xx Kami