Interview with Lauren (Lala) Lee

Ok guys....I tried....I really did...

This interview is a LONG one...

Maybe I should just call it a visual podcast? haha

I watched it two or three times trying to decide what questions and answers to pull out and there just wasn't anything that I thought wasn't helpful, relatable or important. I wanted Lala to be able to tell a little bit about herself and her story but I also wanted her to share about her own struggles and insecurities. And it just didn't seem right to cut either of those pieces out.

So let's pretend its more like a podcast haha just press play and listen while you are getting ready or are cleaning your house :) 

Lala and I have now known each other for a while and this girl is gold. She is not only a friend but a client as well so we get to spend lots of time together and through that have had some really wonderful conversations. One of the consistent things we chat about is our struggle with social media, comparison and insecurity. 

It was shocking for me to realize that this beautiful girl was just as insecure as I was even if it was about different things or sometimes even the same things! 

So as we were talking in one of the workouts I was like we should talk about this in your interview! It is always nice to know that you are not alone in your struggles and sometimes it's just good to hear someone else's journey as well as tips they have for not letting it get the best of you. 

No one is immune to this even if they may seem like they don't have a care in the world. And the lucky few who have really conquered their insecurities have had to work their asses off to get there. 

So please just listen along when you have the time (about 40 minutes) and hopefully there will be ways you can connect, learn and feel comforted in knowing that we are all in this together. That you are gorgeous no matter what you think society is telling you to look or be like. That your unique journey is special for a reason and hopefully someday there will be someone who you can help through your own story. 

(Oh, and you know the kitties of course had their moment of fame in this one as well haha) 

Happy watching babes! xx

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