Interview with Lauren Mulenos

I am so excited I finally got to sit down with one of my besties Lauren and talk to her about her blogging career, balancing life, healthy choices and choosing to do what's best for you in your career! fact....we had already filmed half of this video on my camera when my camera shut off and then when we rewatched it, it was so blurry we had to start completely over...seriously the Mondayest of Mondays ever haha Always hard to restart interviews like this because I never want them to be staged...but choosing to go with the flow even things don't go as planned hehe. 

However, I finally managed to get a shorter interview in this week but I make no promises moving forward haha 

I hope you enjoy this little couch side chat! So grab some wine and start watching :) #winenotwednesday


Overview from interview: 

  • When it comes to getting things done and balance
    • Have a plan...but also be okay if things don't always go as planned. 
  • Get creative with healthy swaps! 
    • Cauliflower rice verses rice, Truvia instead of sugar, greek yogurt instead of sour cream or for baking
  • If you have the healthy option but it doesn't satisfy the craving then you tend to get the unhealthy option anyways. So instead choose your less healthy indulgences intentionally so that you feel satisfied but not like you overdid it. 
  • Like to use InstaStories as a way to connect better with people and keep it real. Instagram can make it hard to feel genuine so when you show the real you behind the camera it can allow people to feel more connected. 
  • When you feel obligated or you are forcing things, sometimes it is good to step back and take a break. Do what is best for you. 
  • You don't have to share everything. Share what you are comfortable with and do what works for you, not what people are telling you to do. 

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