Talking Summer Wines with Nick & Lauren Mulenos

It's getting warmer down around here so what better time to talk about summer wines!? I interviewed two of my best friends all about summer wines and even some tips and tricks when it comes to picking out and tasting wine. 

Nick Mulenos is a huge wine aficionado and just recently bought a wine bar with his friend Ian! It is called Neighborhood Cellar and located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas. If you live in the area you must check it out. They also just launched a wine club so any of the wines in the video can easily be ordered along with many more!

Hope you enjoy the video, it's a little longer than the others so far (whoops hah) originally almost 30 minutes when we shot it but I got it under 20 minutes for ya (just barely)! But it has so much great information and we had a lot of fun shooting it! 

Featured wines and tasting notes: 

L'Conti Blanc Sparkling ($14): Full bodied, creamy and toasty, it’s made from 57 percent pinot noir, 32 percent chardonnay and 11 percent aligoté grapes. This is a delicious, versatile sparkling wine that would be great with just about anything, from appetizers to dessert. Purchase HERE

Savino Pinot Grigio ($12) : This wine leads with a warm, pale yellow color and an enduring, fruity bouquet. The palate is dry, balanced, and soft, with delightful notes of pear and citrus throughout. It is the perfect accompaniment to fish and grilled vegetables, though it can also be enjoyed as an apéritif. Purchase HERE! 

Vignobele Ferret Rose ($12): Delicious rosé made from the grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Lush aromas of ripe fruit that is reflected in the taste plus some citrus fruit. This summer wine is excellent as an aperitif or with light dishes such as a salad, fish, seafood and poultry such as chicken and duck. Purchase HERE

Annabella Carneros Pinot Noir ($26): Carneros Pinot Noir is deep garnet colored and medium bodied which expresses bright cherry notes and is backed with clove and star anise notes. The flavors are multi-layered, with concentrated cherry including: Bing, Rainer and Montmorency. slight earthy, leathery mouth feel which makes the overall wine very complex with good depth and length. The wine finishes soft with generous vanilla and mocha notes. Aged in French oak and for 14 months, racked 3 times. Purchase HERE

Tips when picking out wine at a store:

  1. Do not go off of the "cute" label (guilty). That has nothing to do with the wine and the wineries that tend to be better spend less on the packaging and more on the quality of the wine. 
  2. Know what you like and go towards that style of wine, like Cabernet or Pinot Grigio. Try to avoid just the generic Red or White Wine labels. 
  3. Finding something that has specific regions listed will also indicate a higher quality of wine so look for wine labels with regions and subregions listed. 
  4. Unless you want a sweet wine try to avoid wines that list "RS" on the back which indicates it has added sugar to the wine. 

Tips for tasting wine:

  1. First swirl the wine around in the glass. This releases oxygen into the wine and primes it to be tasted. 
  2. Then actually smell the wine and see what notes or flavors you can pick out. These flavors will play a factor in the actual taste of the wine when you actually drink it. 
  3. When you take a sip of the wine, leave it in your mouth for a moment to actually allow the flavors to sit on your tongue. This actually helps you taste all of the different aspects that you cannot get when you just drink it quickly. If you can swish it around in your mouth you will release even more of the flavors but beware of spitting it out if you are new to this practice! haha
  4. Once you have taken the time to swirl, sniff and sip then you can fully enjoy the wine! 

Note there is a sweet point in wine right now that is about $15-$30 so you do not have to spend a lot of money to have an amazing bottle of wine! 

Cheers xx