The Why Behind Your Why

I think often we come up with a goal and we don't always take the time to determine WHY we created the goal in first place. It can be challenging to acknowledge that sometimes the reason you want to do something is becuase you feel pressure from society, friends, family or you just assume life would be better that way. 

Today I am chatting about making sure your goals are for YOU and your why is YOURS. Don't let those around you decide what is best for you, how you should look or what you should do with your life. You have the power to decide for yourself. To love yourself through your journey and feel beautiful no matter what stage of life you are in!! 

So lets get real and let me know what you think! 

Hope you enjoyed! Do you feel like some of your goals are from society rather than what you want? Have your goals changed at all now that you are thinking about what you really want? 

Let me know!!